Tackle Your Holiday Feast With One of These Samsung Ovens and Cook Tops

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy family and friends and get into the spirit of giving. One of the best ways to get the family together to enjoy the festivities is through meals. While many of your guests look forward to your well-crafted and sumptuous holiday feast, it can be a little stressful for you to pull off, especially if you don’t have the right equipment in the kitchen. The good news is, is that it is easy to tackle any holiday feast with one of the Samsung ovens or cooktops listed below.

Samsung 30″ Double Wall Oven

samsung double oven

With the Samsung 30″ double wall oven you are complete control of your cooking from start to finish. The oven is equipped with a Flex Duo system that allows you to use an upper and lower cooking zone simultaneously. Each zone can have its one temperature and timer setting so you can keep your pies baking while the upper chamber heats up your main course. No more swapping items out to warm them up.

The Samsung double wall oven is also equipped with Wi-Fi capability so you can not only monitor, but control your cooking from an app on your smartphone, allowing you to mingle with guests and not be tied to the kitchen. Additional features include a steam cook function that will lock in moisture providing you with nutrient-dense, tender vegetables and a crisp brown skin on your turkey. With the dua;l convection system you can make sure that your roast, ham, or turkey is cooked thoroughly without drying out, creating the perfect centerpiece for your holiday feast.

Yet, one of the best features for holiday chefs is the hassle-free hybrid cleaning system which, with the flip of a switch, can dissolve grease and make your clean up as easy as a few wipes.

Samsung 30″ Built-In Gas Cooktop samsung cooktop wifi weyburn

With high-powered 22 K dual burners you can ensure that your cooktop is giving you both the powerful heat that you need and precision control. You can go from high to a simmer immediately and also take warm water to boil in a matter of moments, which allows you to achieve ultimate control over your multiple holiday favorites. This Samsung cooktop includes multiple smart features adding to the convenience and allowing you to safely step away from the kitchen when needed. It has Wi-Fi connective that allows you to receive alerts and monitor your cooking and it also syncs with your fans and lights through Bluetooth allowing them to turn on as needed.

Need a large surface to saute your vegetables or sear your meat until it is a beautiful brown and ready for the oven? You can use the accompanying heavy-duty cast iron griddle with stainless steel handles that make it easy to move on and off. You can also cook safely around the little ones running around your house as they enjoy the company of their cousins and newly received presents. There is a Wok Grate that helps large pans snuggly fit into your burner so they stay where they need to without sliding around.

Make your holiday meals enjoyable ones, not only for your guests and family but you as well by equipping yourself with the right appliances to help you pull off any meal without a hitch. You will not only conquer the kitchen but tackle any holiday feast with ease. Want to find the best appliance to meet your cooking needs? Contact us today to find out more about available models.

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